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We develop high-performance websites that ranks high in the search engine. We use Vercel, a content delivery network that requires no installation - once published, your site will be accessible around the world at lightning speed.

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With global CDN, your website loads lightning fast

Your website on a CDN? We got you

Why go slow when you can be the best? Get lightning-fast load times with Vercel's global CDN. We can build you a headless website that ranks well in Google.

CDN - Faster load times

Faster load times

With Vercel as your service provider, you can access your website from anywhere in the world. This advanced technology intelligently routes traffic depending on where you are located and what country you are connecting from; making sure that there is always adequate coverage at all times. With reliable hosting through this high-performance infrastructure.

CDN - Achieving higher rankings

Achieving higher rankings

With the power of Vercel's content delivery network, you can deliver your website to those looking for it quickly and efficiently. In addition, our team will get your new website up-and-running on this fast network without wasting any time at all - so you don't have to worry about anything!

CDN - Headless website

Headless website

All of the sites hosted on Vercel are headless. This means that there is a CMS which is separate from the platform being used - in this case, Storyblok. In turn, content creators have access to various tools such as a visual editor so they can make sure their content remains fresh and up-to-date at all times.


  • "Seppe is a fantastic web developer. He is highly skilled, with a deep understanding of the latest SEO developments and a keen eye for design. Seppe consistently delivers high-quality work on time, and is a pleasure to work with. He is highly professional, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Seppe for any web development project."

    Stephan Van Roey

    New Impact

  • "We have been able to rely on Seppe's know-how for years. For the updated version of our website, he has worked with us to tailor it to our needs. I can also contact him easily for big and small questions. At Straffe Sites, you are not just a number, but they know who you are, what you do, and what you want for your website. Thank you, Seppe!"

    Marleen Van Riet


  • "It was a very pleasant experience working together. Personal communication and always ready with knowledge of the matter! And if there is a problem, it is quickly and discreetly resolved. We are extremely satisfied!"

    Karen Baeten

    Tuincentrum Baeten



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Website owners are always looking for ways to improve their website's loading speed. Why not consider Vercel's global CDN, which can help you rank better in Google. Find out today how much a headless website can bring you more business. Contact us today.

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