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We give your website an edge with our expert web development services. With years of experience building websites, Straffe Sites will help you strategically position your website for increased organic search traffic.

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You'll be blown away by how Straffe Sites helps you make a professional custom website that ranks higher in the search engines.

Web development company - Be on the first page of Google

Our goal is to be first on search engines

New advances in website building software allow web developers more creative control over websites. Websites made with pre-made designs will never be able to match the quality or speed of customized sites, which are created by hand from scratch and coded accordingly. Web development company Straffe Sites always makes unique websites that rank at the top of search engines for both speed and high-quality standards.

Web development company - The new wave of web development is here

The new wave of web development is here

As a web development company that evolves continuously, we implement the most current strategies to achieve results. Every new day comes with a new piece of technology, and what was once impossible can now be done overnight. Because of this, all of our latest projects use Astro - an open-source platform with limitless potential - and Storyblok - which provides users with an improved customer experience when handling the content.

Web development company - Web development for everyone

Web development for everyone

Our meetings happen through videoconferencing, which means we are available anytime, anywhere in the world- even if we're halfway across the globe - interested in scheduling an appointment for a consultation about your web development needs? Sure thing! Our office is located in Belgium, but no worries if it doesn't work out for you - your new site will still be designed by us remotely. We may not be sitting next to you now, but never fear because we'll always be there for you whenever needed.

Take the lead over your competitors

Quality comes first

Let us take care of everything by creating a fast-loading, custom website that meets all web standards and is optimized for search engines. That way, you can focus on what truly matters: your business.

Web development

Web standards

At our company, quality comes first. That's why we ensure that all our websites comply with the latest web standards, making them user-friendly, accessible, and safe for all visitors.

Responsive design

Search engine optimization


Web development

Fast loading times

Our experience and expertise in fast-loading websites guarantee that your website will always load quickly. Fast loading times are essential for optimal user experience and higher rankings in search engines.

Always load quickly worldwide


Higher rankings

By continuously developing and educating ourselves in web development, we guarantee your website will be built using the latest and most advanced techniques.

Always up-to-date


Advantage over competitors


  • "Our collaboration with Seppe has been extremely satisfying. Seppe is involved at all levels and is easily accessible. Furthermore, we are happy with how we have rebuilt our websites in collaboration with Seppe using a much more modern platform. As a result, the websites are speedy and give us a great deal of confidence to continually improve our SEO as optimally as possible."

    Nadine Bouman


  • "Seppe is a fantastic web developer. He is highly skilled, with a deep understanding of the latest SEO developments and a keen eye for design. Seppe consistently delivers high-quality work on time, and is a pleasure to work with. He is highly professional, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Seppe for any web development project."

    Stephan Van Roey

    New Impact

  • "We have been able to rely on Seppe's know-how for years. He has worked with us to tailor the updated version of our website to our needs. I can also contact him easily for big and small questions. At Straffe Sites, you are not just a number; they know who you are, what you do, and what you want for your website. Thank you, Seppe!"

    Marleen Van Riet


  • "It was an enjoyable experience working together. Personal communication and always ready with the knowledge of the matter! And if there is a problem, it is quickly and discreetly resolved. So we are delighted!"

    Karen Baeten

    Tuincentrum Baeten


Astro - Build faster websites
Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML
Storyblok - The headless content management system that empowers 84,000 + developers and content teams to create better content experiences across any digital channel.

Websites made by Straffe Sites

Case studies

Websites from Straffe Sites are lightning-fast; they enable you to generate new leads and rank at the top of search engines. Have a look at these samples below.

Frequently asked questions


Do you have any questions about web design and web development? Check out our frequently asked questions and blog, or contact Seppe from Straffe Sites for specific answers and information.

What is the price of making a website?

The typical cost for creating a website varies between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000, depending on the number of pages, complexity of features, and web design. Please refer to the blog post for more information on web development costs.

How can I optimize my website to rank higher on search engines?

To rank higher on search engines, you can take the following steps: conduct keyword research, focus on one keyword per page, optimize your website's content, use the correct heading tags, ensure a fast website, name files with the keyword of the page, test your pages with Google PageSpeed Insights, use internal and external links, build a social media presence, and see search engine optimization as an ongoing process. Learn more in our blog post about how to get higher search engine rankings.

What do you need to start with a new website?

Before a web developer starts working on your website, a few preparations must be made. Here are a few tips to make the process smoother:

  1. First, conduct keyword research or have the web developer do it.

  2. Make a content strategy and write content for your website. Nowadays, you can use artificial intelligence to help you write content. You can also consult a professional for advice in this area.

  3. Ensure high-quality pictures, or have the web developer purchase good stock photos.

  4. Make clear agreements about the planning and delivery of the website. Provide timely feedback so the web developer knows what needs improvement.

What is good web design for a business website?

These are important considerations for creating a good web design for a business website. Firstly, it is essential to maintain a professional appearance with a clean, straightforward design and the use of professional pictures and typography.

A fast loading time and semantic markup are crucial for usability and findability.

Responsive web design is essential as more and more people use their mobile phones to search online, so make sure the website works well on all devices.

Provide relevant and high-quality content, as search engines prefer websites that offer valuable information. Keep the content up-to-date and make sure it adds value for visitors. A clear navigation structure helps visitors quickly find what they are looking for, so use short, clear menu items and breadcrumb trails to clarify the user's position on the site.

Use clear calls-to-action, such as "Contact us" or "Order now", so visitors know what to do after visiting the website. Finally, optimize the website for search engines by using relevant keywords and respecting technical SEO aspects such as website standards and semantic markup.

Web development is a real passion of ours. We want to help you bring your idea to life

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Web development is a real passion of ours. We want to help you bring your idea to life. We specialize in making the process as easy as possible for you. So contact us today to discuss your plans, and let's get started! It's never been easier than with Straffe Sites by your side!

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